The Georgia Guidstones Vandalism

“How do you disempower a corrupt system? By empowering yourself. How do you awaken a sleeping population? By awakening yourself. How do you heal a toxic society? By healing yourself.”
-Neil Kramer
It seems that the conspiracy movement has just become another convention of fools soon to implode in upon itself- a thrill seeking form of indulgence serving one purpose alone: The reinforcement of self importance. Few who understand  the arcane agenda of the New World Order Cabal know how to conduct themselves with the impeccable decorum of a warrior.

Take for instance the recent incident involving the Georgia Guidstones in which someone, carried away with anti-NWO zeal, vandalized them with spray painted graffiti. The messages left were rife with xenophobic idiocy and bad grammer: i.e “The CFR is ran by the devil”, “Obama iz a Muslim”, “Fuck the NWO” and “Jesus will prevail” …frickin’ brilliant eh?

You see, while I’m all for greater conspiracy awareness I find it a shame that many representatives of the movement are the least noble and the least intelligent among us. Mostly Alex Jones and Allan Watt apologists- men with a blatant fear of mystical awareness who resonate as attractors for the lowest of vibrational matches.

The awakening movement (hey! Did I just coin a term?) is being sullied and discredited by a graceless lot who need to understand that the purpose of all the madness we see around us is to frustrate us into awakening to the mystery of our authentic selves. We aren’t in this world to select from opposing ideologies-we’re here to transcend them, see them for the cultural artifacts they are and be lead back to the sacred mystery.

Your focus determines your reality.


2 Responses to “The Georgia Guidstones Vandalism”

  1. Good advice all around.

  2. Good advice all around. Thanks.

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