I first learned about 2012 while reading Terrence Mckenna’s Archaic Revival in 1993. To me 2012 means total novelty where the structuring codes and hard defining edges of habit are dispensed with in favor of infinite potential and creativity as we meet the transcendental object at the end of time. I don’t see it as a dire prediction at all.

Obviously such novel freedom for us is threatening to the Sith Lords in the panoptic capstone as they think it should be theirs exclusively. So, they try to trap us in reality tunnels based on fear by programming us with 2012 predictions based on catastrophe and end of the world scenarios. Thusly programmed, people set out to manifest a more dismal future for themselves.

However, I’ve felt nothing but excitement and anticipation about the event and expect a radical opening up of unlimited potential and healing for our species.


5 Responses to “2012”

  1. So what is supposed to happen in particular?

  2. I want to know too. I saw a scary History Channel bit that said that some schizophrenic dude on an island (who wrote for the Bible), Merlin, some whacked-out South Americans, the I-Ching Chinamen, the Oracle at Delphi, and a few other fear-mongerers said we were all gonna die in an apocalyptic sea of fire. Is this not true? My next few life maneuvers hinge on your answer.

  3. Still waiting fella. Write something about the Georgia guide stone desecrations too will ya?

  4. The only 2012 movie direct from the source.
    Filmed for 5 years exclusively in Guatemala.
    Now available on DVD.


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