Too much damn information!

The information deluge is far too over-whelming. I recall reading an old OMNI magazine from the early 80’s that offered up predictions for the early 21st century where everything from cloning, advanced robotics and space travel were predicted but no one saw a culture where most technology is geared towards information.

The information glut has transfigured our minds and made for a strange world that weakens our connection to the infinite and makes us less grounded. We have to make an effort to stay within a certain boundary if we want to keep our focus.

I think the 80/20 rule is a good system for that. You see, on average we only use 20% of our stuff and neglect the other 80 percent. This goes for books, music, movies and internet sites. So, to utilize 80/20, Just decide what 20 percent is worth keeping and scrap the rest. Suddenly you find more energy is freed up to enjoy and absorb what’s left over.

In one of Carlos Casteneda’s books, Don Juan details a like system where you drop everything from your life that ties up your energy and attention on non-essentials. Once this is done, the life force allocated to those things is freed up and available for use in more empowering ways.


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