The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Ah, those who see themselves as humanity’s elite! They arrogantly believe they occupy a higher strata of some mythical hierarchy, blithely ignorant of one irrefutable axiom: Nature is not a hierarchy but in fact a holarchy where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and each part is interlinked symbiotically with the others. The hierarchical paradigm, illusory and at odds with nature, cannot survive because you can’t go against nature since…well…that’s nature too.

There is only one thing. Some refer to the one thing as God and, by virtue of his infinite nature, there isn’t a point where God stops and we begin. It’s all God.

Our purpose for being is to give “God” a medium to experience itself. So, God becomes the sun and stars, the breath of our lungs and the visions we perceive. Being so disguised, he has strange and marvelous adventures that allow him to rediscover himself.

Like a house of many rooms, all things in the Cosmos are varying apparatus of a single infinity which individuates itself into an infinite multiplicity of forms. You see, we are not actually us, we are the creator of the universe but the more slowly we vibrate, the more solid we become and the more real our illusion of forgetfulness becomes as well. We are Gods with amnesia.

How do we escape this amnesia? By awakening! Unconsciousness is the way to sadness, for the less conscious we become, the more forgetful we are of our true nature and the more entrapped we become in the illusion of physical existence manifesting as the world’s dreams and dramas, rules and religions- the structuring codes that keep in place our belief in time, space and their attendant limitations.

Here is where joy and sadness, evil and goodness and all other pairs of opposites exist welded together in an endless dance of dualism and our quest for the one inevitably leads us back to the other- for neither is ever apart from it’s opposite. It’s this chase between contrasting aspects of a singular dichotomy that has us forever tapping into our will because we believe, caught up in the illusion as we are, that doing (which is the ultimate expression of will) is more vital than being. But our will power and all our self promises will invariably fail because they are not expressions of divine knowing- they are expressions of the worlds dreams and dramas.

Ultimately, we are not on a quest to overcome sadness and win joy or to see our righteous ideologies overcome those we regard as less righteous but to transcend those ideologies and attain peace through the attention of being. It is through being that our attention emerges and allows us to re-identify with our authentic selves- our God selves. Being is the doorway back to our true identity and the key to transcending our baser natures. Any type of being will do. If it’s being still, being silent, being sad, being lonely or being joyful it allows the witnessing presence to experience itself in a myriad of emotional colors.

When this is accomplished, the emotion is transcended and the illusion of separateness that eclipsed the ever shining sun of being has gone the way of memory .


5 Responses to “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

  1. How come you are talking about G-d in this post, but you have a picture of occult devil worshipping diagrams at the top of the page? Do not try to mix the Black Arts with The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus said “Satan, get the hell away from thee.” I ask that you remove the offending picture. Your website will be monitored for compliance.

  2. lafellowstrangiato Says:

    Um, did you read the post? Nothing is excluded from the whole. Ultimately that which appears separate from the sacred is an illusion. It calls us to greater awareness, this illusion. When you feel a twinge of anger towards something, that is egoic resistance to what is and when you cease to resist what is, it becomes transmuted into light. Let those feelings of resistance serve as guides to alert you to your resistant nature and then stop resisting.

  3. Yeah, maybe I should have read the post. I saw that Satanic symbol and went into a rage. Then when I saw you were writing about G-d that made me even more angrier. I guess I need to be more aware of my emotions and not be so close-minded. Thank you strange fellow for being patient and explaining this concept to me. There is much work ahead of me.

  4. Great articles. Thanks for the enlightenment. Do you know a lot about the quantum physics and/or spirituality or is this all new to you? You know what I find odd and truly amazing is that the Bible speaks these things in Revolutions; and that was some 2000 years ago. Someone must have known something, even then. In revolutions, everyone who judges is somehow condemned. In other words, judgement somehow clouds our true selves. I hope to see more articles. Feel free to visit me sometime; but be prepared, I’m not all cosmos, I’m solid, conscious world too. But, I do free myself to know that there is so much I don’t know which haven’t been revealed not only due to my belief system, but also because it’s simply not that time yet. I invite you to read one of my posts, rather long, but I’m intersted in your views. You seem to have an open mind.

    Peace, Light and Love . . .

  5. Corpus Oomycot Says:

    thanks a lot, that was a great read!! 😀

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