Jill Bolte Taylor

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This is 20 minutes very well spent. Give yourself the gift of Hearing Dr. Taylor’s remarkable insights into the nature of what we are.

The Georgia Guidstones Vandalism

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“How do you disempower a corrupt system? By empowering yourself. How do you awaken a sleeping population? By awakening yourself. How do you heal a toxic society? By healing yourself.”
-Neil Kramer
It seems that the conspiracy movement has just become another convention of fools soon to implode in upon itself- a thrill seeking form of indulgence serving one purpose alone: The reinforcement of self importance. Few who understand  the arcane agenda of the New World Order Cabal know how to conduct themselves with the impeccable decorum of a warrior.

Take for instance the recent incident involving the Georgia Guidstones in which someone, carried away with anti-NWO zeal, vandalized them with spray painted graffiti. http://www.prisonplanet.com/georgia-guidestones-vandalized.html The messages left were rife with xenophobic idiocy and bad grammer: i.e “The CFR is ran by the devil”, “Obama iz a Muslim”, “Fuck the NWO” and “Jesus will prevail” …frickin’ brilliant eh?

You see, while I’m all for greater conspiracy awareness I find it a shame that many representatives of the movement are the least noble and the least intelligent among us. Mostly Alex Jones and Allan Watt apologists- men with a blatant fear of mystical awareness who resonate as attractors for the lowest of vibrational matches.

The awakening movement (hey! Did I just coin a term?) is being sullied and discredited by a graceless lot who need to understand that the purpose of all the madness we see around us is to frustrate us into awakening to the mystery of our authentic selves. We aren’t in this world to select from opposing ideologies-we’re here to transcend them, see them for the cultural artifacts they are and be lead back to the sacred mystery.

Your focus determines your reality.


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I first learned about 2012 while reading Terrence Mckenna’s Archaic Revival in 1993. To me 2012 means total novelty where the structuring codes and hard defining edges of habit are dispensed with in favor of infinite potential and creativity as we meet the transcendental object at the end of time. I don’t see it as a dire prediction at all.

Obviously such novel freedom for us is threatening to the Sith Lords in the panoptic capstone as they think it should be theirs exclusively. So, they try to trap us in reality tunnels based on fear by programming us with 2012 predictions based on catastrophe and end of the world scenarios. Thusly programmed, people set out to manifest a more dismal future for themselves.

However, I’ve felt nothing but excitement and anticipation about the event and expect a radical opening up of unlimited potential and healing for our species.

Daring Batwinged Girl To Jump At Airshow!

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Ego is a maladaptive construct of the psyche that, when left unchecked, becomes the dominant aspect of the person. However, when allowed to play a minimal role, ego serves a valuable purpose: It anchors us in a point of reference and prevents us from blending completely into infinite consciousness.

We didn’t come to this place of relativity to escape back into the infinite, we came here to gather experience and create thus providing a portal for infinite consciousness to manifest in the realm of experienced knowing.

In the spiritual game you have wave people and particle people.

Wave people are the airy fairy new agers who want to transcend the gross material world for an etheric experience.

Particle people are the ones who see spirit in the Earth and animals. They embrace the world as a divine expression of the increate.

But it’s the wave particle duality as a complete system that serves us best. It allows us to transcend but include, to be in the Earth but not of it, to have our feet on the ground and our heads in the stars.

Either approach in one extreme or the other leads to cultural schizophrenic crack ups. It can show up as the Heaven’s Gate cult or the pathologically selfish Illuminati.

Too much damn information!

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The information deluge is far too over-whelming. I recall reading an old OMNI magazine from the early 80’s that offered up predictions for the early 21st century where everything from cloning, advanced robotics and space travel were predicted but no one saw a culture where most technology is geared towards information.

The information glut has transfigured our minds and made for a strange world that weakens our connection to the infinite and makes us less grounded. We have to make an effort to stay within a certain boundary if we want to keep our focus.

I think the 80/20 rule is a good system for that. You see, on average we only use 20% of our stuff and neglect the other 80 percent. This goes for books, music, movies and internet sites. So, to utilize 80/20, Just decide what 20 percent is worth keeping and scrap the rest. Suddenly you find more energy is freed up to enjoy and absorb what’s left over.

In one of Carlos Casteneda’s books, Don Juan details a like system where you drop everything from your life that ties up your energy and attention on non-essentials. Once this is done, the life force allocated to those things is freed up and available for use in more empowering ways.

The Secret and the Cult of disinfo

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I’ve become increasingly alarmed by the hysterical fervor (now dying out thank God!) over Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. Byrne has presented a seductive manifesto that appeals to people who, failing to make their lives work, find the pre-rational, childishly magical arguments in The Secret captivating.

While I agree in theory with the law of attraction, the Secret presents an incomplete and unworkable model and plenty of folks are going to be very disappointed by the results…or lack thereof.

You see, while our thoughts do create reality it’s because our thoughts sponsor our actions by focusing us on an outcome. However, The Secret would have us believe that no action is required at all. That by merely blissing out and thinking of what we want, the universe will cause it to solidify effortlessly.

For those who believe that, let me tell you a story: Once I was fat and un-fit. Hey, what do you expect? It’s a pretty frequent phenomenon over here in the united States of Fat Asses. Anyway, I read fitness magazines and Body For Life, browsed health food stores for the latest supplements and generally spent alot of time wishing I was in shape. You know what? I still occupied the highest strata of all fat asses despite the mental attention I gave fitness.

However, when I brought my actions into alignment with my desires guess what? I got in shape. Was it easy? Hell no! (That’s “H-E-double hockey sticks no” to you prudes) Every evidence in the world said I was not manifesting my goal. But as my belly slapped me in the face during my wheezing, winded runs, as I lifted weights like a girl and drank Myoplex till I was in chronic gag reflex, a change began to happen. The laws of nature had no choice but to acquiesce to my relentless insistence that yes indeed I was in shape and over the course of months, my body transformed. In fact, I became a personal trainer.

So, could I have gotten in shape by visualizing and dreaming? Of course not. On the other hand, could I have gotten in shape by merely taking massive action without focusing my mind on the goal? No.

So, The Secret will only work in tandem with action. It’s not a mystical panacea but rather a method whereby a firmly held desire becomes a future vision attractor that creates restless urgency in your being and inspires you to actively midwife it into your experience and give it tangible scope.

Finally, the other problem I have with The Secret is the self centered narcissism it promotes. Not once is it suggested that The Secret can be used to build a better world and help our fellow humans. It just tells us we can have mansions and cars and designer clothes. Well, while I see nothing wrong with that inherently, I think prioritizing that over the well being of humanity is totally jacked. We won’t have a world where we can enjoy material finery if we don’t raise the consciousness of the planet first. That’s why I hereby declare The Secret another subtle piece of deceptive disinfo.

Divinely Guided Anarchy

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We have become trapped by the hard defining edges of our attitudes, beliefs and concepts and by our linguistic definitions. The world doesn’t yield to us directly but our consensus idea of it creates a virtual reality characterized by dis-empowering perceptions. It’s like a negative feedback loop where we act on our beliefs and manifest them into reality causing a self reinforcing paradigm.

But you know, maybe we’re willing this debacle into being to make us all awaken and evolve from homo sapiens into homo divinus- a self realized human. The chemist Ilya Prigogene, in his theory of open systems, showed that all systems, in an attempt to maintain equilibrium, reach a point where entropy can no longer be dispersed into its’ environment and begins to build within the structure. When critical mass is attained, the old system breaks down and reorganizes at a higher level…so it goes with all  our world-views and belief systems that no longer serve us. We may well be willing a crisis into our experience to frustrate us into awakening from a program scripted to imprison us so long as we remain asleep.

It’s the the nature of light to cast shadows and the brighter the light, the greater the shadow. The current shadows we face are a result of the transcendent light of authentic awareness doing its’ revelatory work and in the revealing we find our salvation as we are forced to transcend and include our own shadow nature,  transmuting it into luminosity and reintegrating it.

Is there a ruling cabal at the panoptic eye level of the hierarchical pyramid? Yes.

Do they generate fear within us to harvest our radiant mind energy for their overlords? I believe so.

Do we live in a world where obedient productivity is rewarded more than free spirited creativity and the most precious gifts we have to offer as humans are taken for granted in favor of our utilitarian value as a slave species? Yes…sad but true.

These truths however, are not ultimate truths. They’re true only within the illusional game we currently play as infinite beings with a yearning to know ourselves experientially. The contextual field of our illusions is valuable because it gives us an arena where we can do more than know ourselves as infinite love, we can experience ourselves a such.

No solutions will be found politically ( Poly means many…Tics means blood sucking insects), nor economically, nor through the emergence of technological singularities. We cannot win a fight against the New World Order because it’s an adaptive body snatcher program that infects all who resist it. We only win by emerging from the darkness as fully realized beings to unleash our authentic radiance.

Welcome to the garden of weird romance and cosmic delights! Welcome to divinely guided anarchy!

Chaplin’s words are just as valuable today

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

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Ah, those who see themselves as humanity’s elite! They arrogantly believe they occupy a higher strata of some mythical hierarchy, blithely ignorant of one irrefutable axiom: Nature is not a hierarchy but in fact a holarchy where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and each part is interlinked symbiotically with the others. The hierarchical paradigm, illusory and at odds with nature, cannot survive because you can’t go against nature since…well…that’s nature too.

There is only one thing. Some refer to the one thing as God and, by virtue of his infinite nature, there isn’t a point where God stops and we begin. It’s all God.

Our purpose for being is to give “God” a medium to experience itself. So, God becomes the sun and stars, the breath of our lungs and the visions we perceive. Being so disguised, he has strange and marvelous adventures that allow him to rediscover himself.

Like a house of many rooms, all things in the Cosmos are varying apparatus of a single infinity which individuates itself into an infinite multiplicity of forms. You see, we are not actually us, we are the creator of the universe but the more slowly we vibrate, the more solid we become and the more real our illusion of forgetfulness becomes as well. We are Gods with amnesia.

How do we escape this amnesia? By awakening! Unconsciousness is the way to sadness, for the less conscious we become, the more forgetful we are of our true nature and the more entrapped we become in the illusion of physical existence manifesting as the world’s dreams and dramas, rules and religions- the structuring codes that keep in place our belief in time, space and their attendant limitations.

Here is where joy and sadness, evil and goodness and all other pairs of opposites exist welded together in an endless dance of dualism and our quest for the one inevitably leads us back to the other- for neither is ever apart from it’s opposite. It’s this chase between contrasting aspects of a singular dichotomy that has us forever tapping into our will because we believe, caught up in the illusion as we are, that doing (which is the ultimate expression of will) is more vital than being. But our will power and all our self promises will invariably fail because they are not expressions of divine knowing- they are expressions of the worlds dreams and dramas.

Ultimately, we are not on a quest to overcome sadness and win joy or to see our righteous ideologies overcome those we regard as less righteous but to transcend those ideologies and attain peace through the attention of being. It is through being that our attention emerges and allows us to re-identify with our authentic selves- our God selves. Being is the doorway back to our true identity and the key to transcending our baser natures. Any type of being will do. If it’s being still, being silent, being sad, being lonely or being joyful it allows the witnessing presence to experience itself in a myriad of emotional colors.

When this is accomplished, the emotion is transcended and the illusion of separateness that eclipsed the ever shining sun of being has gone the way of memory .